What was your first record ?

The Move - Fire Brigade.



Who is your favourite artist ?

Anything & everything by Thin Lizzy


Didn't you used to be a Roadie for Thin Lizzy ?

Yes, and many other bands back in the day.


Who has taken music forward in the last 10yrs ?

Josh Homme


Which artist do you collect ?

Joe Satriani

What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind ?

I would do the films of the Coen Brothers on Mastermind but would need to see them all again to remind me!  Otherwise it would be cats, football or baking cakes.

Least favourite song ?

Anything that Ian Brown, the Gallaghers (except Rory!) or Bez is involved with.

Who/what is your guilty pleasure ?

Neil Diamond

What is your Favourite cake ?

Almond croissant or carrot cake with a soya cappuccino.

Favourite Film ?

The Big Lebowski (and anything Jeff Bridges is in!)

Best Gig ?

Every night of every tour I ever worked on and every Joe Satriani show since.

Best Song lyric ?

"We're on a Highway to Hell."

Worst Song lyric ?

Anything sung by Ian Brown, Van Morrison, Tom Waits or the Gallaghers (except Rory!).

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