Rock Wallaby Close Ups

This is where Rock Wallaby gives you the chance to see the actual record you are thinking of buying in more detail.

If you require extra detail or specific photos please don't hesitate to contact us. The Wallaby loves using his Box Brownie.

The Beatles Close Up



The Beatles



The Rolling Stones



The Rolling Stones


Pink Floyd Close Up



Pink Floyd


The Who/Hendrix/Sabbath/Purple etc



Jimi Hendrix


Led Zepplin



Led Zeppelin

Bowie Close Up



David Bowie


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Psyche/Prog - King Crimson, Frank Zappa etc


Fleetwood Mac/Peter Green/Chicken Shack etc



The Blues - Peter Green, Chicken Shack, etc...







The Stone Roses


Folk, Folk Rock, Country Rock

Imports from America



Bootlegs & Unofficial releases


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Brit Pop + Indy





Heavy Rock, Hardcore, Thrash, Metal


Punk & Psychobilly



Punk & Psychobilly





Soul, Northern Soul, R&B


EP's by various artists



Buddy Holly & Various artists EP's


Rare & Interesting LP's & 7"s



Rare & Interesting


Jazz EP's



Cool & Modern Jazz EP's & LP's


Gary Numan - Tubeway Army



Gary Numan, Tubeway Army, Kraftwerk, etc...


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Rare 60's Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae, Dancehall 


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Tolhurst Vinyl Art make unique and inspired art from old, vintage 7” and 12” vinyl records.

Gadzooks is a surreal & satirical adult comic book drawn in the classic 'comix' style, which takes a sideways, low-brow glance at modern life.