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Wallabys like a Digestive
Wallabys like a Digestive

We provide a genuine, friendly and enthusiastic service


You make the call or send an email and we contact you to arrange a visit. At a time and place to suit you.


We turn up on time, eager to look through your collection. And if there should be one on offer, share a cup of tea. Not too many biscuits as we're watching The Wallaby's weight


We make it our policy to explain everything to you in relation to your collection because we want you to be happy with the final result. We usually pay cash, but we can pay by what ever means suits you. That way, hopefully, you recommend us to your friends and family, and the tea manufacturers stay in business too.


So give Rock Wallaby a call: 07863 123948 and arrange a visit, or come and see us at a local SW Vinyl fair to make sure we are as nice as we say we are.  

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Tel 07863 123948


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Tolhurst Vinyl Art make unique and inspired art from old, vintage 7” and 12” vinyl records.

Gadzooks is a surreal & satirical adult comic book drawn in the classic 'comix' style, which takes a sideways, low-brow glance at modern life.