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Black Sabbath - Dehumanize - SOLD

Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer (LP, Album) 

Label:I.R.S. Records
Cat#: 713155 1 

Media ConditionVery Good Plus (VG+) 
Sleeve ConditionVery Good Plus (VG+) 

Black glossy vinyl. 2NM I.R.S labels. NM original printed lyrical inner sleeve. VG+ outer sleeve.

AC/DC - The Razors Edge - SOLD

Label:ATCO Records, Albert Productions
Cat#: 7567-91413-1, WX 364, WX364 

Media Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-) 
Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+) 

Jet black glossy vinyl. 2NM ATCO labels. Generic inner sleeve. VG+ original outer sleeve.

Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes

 Iron Maiden - The Soundhouse Tapes (7", EP) 

Label:Rock Hard Records (3)
Cat#: ROK.1 

Media Condition: Very Good (VG)  
Sleeve Condition: Very Good (VG) 

Black glossy vinyl with ROK/LYN matrix markings. Rock Hard Records labels with writing to one side. VG original picture sleeve. Playgraded: light surface noise by no means overpowering. 


The Soundhouse Tapes is the debut EP by Iron Maiden, and features the very first recordings by the band. Released on 9 November 1979, it features three songs taken from the demo tape recorded at Spaceward Studios on New Year's Eve 1978. The three tracks - "Prowler", "Invasion" and "Iron Maiden" - appear in a rougher form than they would on the first Iron Maiden album and subsequent singles as they were all recorded in one session.

Although major retail chains tried to order large quantities of the record, the band only distributed 5,000 copies, available by mail order alone, which eventually sold out in just a few weeks. Because of this, the EP is now a valuable collectors item.

Original versions can be identified by the following criteria compared to counterfeits: 

1) 7" black vinyl record with a square picture sleeve measuring just a shade over 7 1/8 inches across and 7 1/4 inches vertically. 
2) The picture sleeve is made of heavy paper.
3) The picture sleeve has the opening from the top. The cutout on the back of the sleeve and at the opening is exactly 3 11/16 inches long. The cutout is curved and has diagonal cuts on either end. Fakes that mimick this cutout are extremely rare. 
4) The picture sleeve inside paper is off white in colour. An aged look, almost beige color is seen at the cutout on the top of the back of the sleeve. Fake sleeves have the colour often pure white. 
5) The picture sleeve is orange in color. In original copies, the colour varies very little and only because of exposure to light. Fakes are often too red in color. 
6) The picture sleeve back has flaps that extend from the front cover that fold and wrap around to the back of the sleeve where they are glued. The wrap around flap has diagonal cuts which are approximately 22 degrees on all four corners of the back sleeve. Most of the fakes do not have the cuts on an angle or never at the right angle. One tell-tale sign of a fake is if the flap corner cutoffs are too smooth. On the originals, there is always an 'ear' left from the die cast on where the diagonal cuts were made which is almost impossible to fake with modern day equipment. 
7) The cutout on the back sleeve at the opening has a curved shape extending downward. There is usually a small hit of orange gap between the lowest point of the cutout and Paul DiAnno's photo. It's a myth that this gap appears on every single original copy and it should not be used as a sign of a fake if it does not appear. Depending on the diecast and how the paper sat at this procedure determined how the sleeves look. 
8) The label's orange colour is darker than the picture sleeve. While the sleeve is orange the paper labels are almost a light red in colour. Fakes often have the labels and picture sleeve use the same orange colour or the paper labels are even in a lighter orange. 
9) The black vinyl record side 1 and side 2 have markings in the run off grooves. These markings beyond anything else will tell you if you have an original. They have not been faked so far. 
10) The black vinyl record side 1 markings in the runoff grooves are 
*EG* SA LYN 7627 - IT ROK - 1 - A 
While most of the markings are quite easy to see, the LYN 7627 - IT is not. By having very good light and turning the record into the light is the only way to catch the markings with the bare eye. Can be found at the 7 O'clock position
11) The black vinyl record side 2 markings in the runoff grooves are 
ROK - 1 - B LYN 7628 - IT *EG* SA
Again, the LYN markings are barely seen with the bare eye without turning the record to catch the light of these markings. Can be found at 8 O'clock.

Fakes try to copy the original markings and all don't come close as they are scribed crudely into the vinyl. 

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.  USA

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (LP, Album) 

Label:Capitol Records
Cat#: C1-90258 

Media Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-)  
Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-) 

Jet black glossy vinyl. 2NM Capitol labels. VG+ original printed inner sleeve. NM outer sleeve still in shrink wrap.

Iron Maiden Box Set - 3 x LP

Iron Maiden - The Complete Albums Collection 1980-1988 (3xLP, Album, RE, 180 + Box, Comp, Ltd) 

Cat#: 2564622290 

Media Condition: Mint (M)  
Sleeve Condition: Near Mint (NM or M-) 

Brand new and factory sealed. 3 x LP Box set. The box is in original sealed condition but has a slight bow to the opening edge.

Possessed - The Eyes Of Horror

Possessed - The Eyes Of Horror (12", EP) 

Label:Under One Flag
Cat#: M FLAG 16 

Media Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)  
Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+) 

Jet black glossy vinyl. 2NM Under One Flag labels. VG+ original printed inner sleeve. VG+ original outer sleeve.

Rammstein - Pussy - CD - 12" - 7"

Raven - The Pack Is Back

Raven (6) - The Pack Is Back (LP, Album) 

Cat#: 78 16291 

Media ConditionNear Mint (NM or M-) 
Sleeve ConditionVery Good Plus (VG+) 

Black glossy vinyl. 2NM Atlantic labels. Generic inner sleeve. VG+ outer sleeve. Playgraded; light 'clouding' to vinyl does not effect play. 

Queensryche - Empire

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